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Revealing information in violation of confidence

Walking through a city with the eyes of an immigrant

Memorial of a bicycle crash. Corona Road, Petaluma, California. Photo by author.

Before emigrating from Colombia, my dad told me with tears in his eyes, “never look back. That was my mistake.” It is to date the best advice he has given me in the history of our complicated relationship.

In the quintessential migrant’s journey to a better life, it is so easy to become homesick.

How can you not?

As you are growing up, you are not contemplating the prospect that the norms you are learning, the customs you are adapting to, the language you speak will one day not too far away be a thing of your past. …

The divine purple bush. Not to be confused with the Singing Bush. Photo by author.

One who is the object of divine favor

Fraud Is My Jam. Part II

Setting the hook and overcoming the naysayers

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

“Mr. Gonzalez, my name is Trent and I am Tina’s supervisor here at Pink Slip Claims. How can I help you?”

Billie was excited to hear the drawl. It sounded exactly like his friend from Winston-Salem.

“How can you help me?” Billie’s fake indignation shot chills through his spine. If he could only be able to use this performance for his reel.

“Simple, Mr. Trent! Look into my file and remove whatever phony hold you have on my payment. You can have my word that I won’t blame you for it. After all, Mr. …

Chapter 4

Under The Big Top — Novel Draft Chapter 4c

Photo by David deLeon on Unsplash

Steve thought he shaved four minutes of his usual time between ‘Organics-2-Go’ and his house, but there was no way to know because he had never timed himself. Because he only thought of green lights, he only encountered green lights; or at least, that’s what he could remember.

Steve opened the door of his car and then powerwalked to Victoria’s door while trying to conceal his eagerness. He opened her door and then pulled her out. They jumped the steps in twos, and Steve was thankful that vegetarian restaurants focus on portion control. …

D Street Bridge, Petaluma, California. Photo by author.

Difficult to hold firmly because it is wet…

Don’t let anyone know

Portion of SFO mural installment The Author & Her Story by Jason Jägel. Carlos Garbiras on Unsplash

Son, sit down. I have to tell you the truth. Today you are turning 18. But you weren’t born in 2016 like your birth certificate says. You were born in 2020. But 2020 wasn’t the wonderful year that you read about in history books. It wasn’t the year Biden decided to be a one-term president and let Kamala run with it.

№2020 wasn’t the year of abundance your generation has come to know as the roaring 20s or the second roaring 20s.

No. The real 2020 was a tragic year of shit storm after shit storm. So we decided collectively…

Lessons for my daughter

You can’t walk but you need to learn this

Photo by Ekaterina Kuznetsova on Unsplash

Oh, so you said your first word: dada, and you can sign for food.

I think it is time we have this talk.

Oh, you don’t want to sit down. Let me strap you to your chair.


It might feel tight. But this is a necessary talk to have, and I can’t have you squirming around. I need you to be still even though it’s not even your first birthday and you don’t know what standing still is.

Let’s talk about something important: death. Specifically, the death of your grandparents.

That’s right, all of your grandparents are going to…


Hard to deal with

No restroom for you, unicorn!

The world bombards us with all the things that we should be doing. But the world doesn’t care about what happens next. Take drinking liquids for example. Scientists all over the world have to the agreement that you need to drink 64 oz of liquids throughout the day but they don’t talk about how that fits in your schedule.

So you go on and drink your daily suggested liquid intake but the world couldn’t care less when a portion of those liquids are trying to break free. So you might think you found a place to go but then they…

Carlos Garbiras

WANTED: literary agent. My novel is the bastard child of Arrested Development and Silicon Valley — conceived at a horse circus. ||

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