Mural on Carlsbad Village. Carlsbad, California. Photo by author.

Technicolor courage doesn’t die

Carlsbad Village. Photo by author.

The kind we all want

Taken while on SFO AirTrain. Photo by author.

Photo and six words challenge


Calculating the ROI of delusion

Photo by Wilmer Martinez on Unsplash

Steve caught a glimpse of Victoria looking at him. It didn’t matter how tough things got in this venture; Steve had found the love of his life. It only took one failed marriage and several millions of dollars. He wondered how poor people manage to find real love.

Steve could see Jack was beaming with pride after the blessing ceremony he coordinated. He couldn’t walk two steps without being stopped by the wife of one of his business associates. He overheard parts of the conversations.

‘How much do they cost?’ ‘When is your next opening?’

“Every blessing is different. Send…

Solving a long-standing relationship debate

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

My wife gets upset when I miss the toilet.

She doesn’t understand is not like I have a sniper rifle.

If anything my stream comes out more like a water hose nozzle sprayer. Sometimes the stream is strong and I can use the jet setting. But most of the time, the setting is on shower, or more likely, on soaker.

The solution: men should pee sitting down.

Fight that initial reaction that makes you say peeing sitting down is for women. Said who? It’s not like toilets were invited by a deity and such deity told us how to properly…

What ESL speakers hear when you say ‘huh?’

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

He told me, “your presentation skills are great and you have deep knowledge product. But you have an accent.”

I had invited my new manager to tag along on all my Sacramento sales presentations and I was feeling very good about them by the end of the day. When he started his performance review, he hit me with the previous nugget of wisdom.

Okay… what do I do with that? Yes, I have an accent. Very likely, I will forever have an accent. If we are trying to get meta, we all have an accent. But he was probably referring…

A corner for the soul of visual storytellers

A gaze of raccoons networking in a corner of Healdsburg, California. Photo by author.

I remember taking a picture of a roasted chicken almost seven years ago.

I had laid the chicken on one of its wings on my cutting board and it looked like she was waiting for something. I took a picture of it, I edited it and then I posted it on my Instagram account with a caption that read, “when will you be coming to bed?”

My wife looked up from her feed and said, “you are so weird!!”

Which to me is the equivalent of being punched in the arm in the middle of a playground. That is to…

A shelfie of mementos

I have written in the past about my night table (my nightie?) as a response to Jennifer McDougall’s prompt.

I figured I would share a picture of my shelf tower this time which is in the middle of our living room.

I always thought I had filled this tower in a functional way. But after responding to this prompt I realized I had filled it with totems. Over the years it has grown to hold many special mementos of my relationship with my wife.

OG Polaroid camera

A few years back, my wife and I had a garage sale and we invited her…

Acting Like a Big Shot in the South

Photo by Elliott Blair on Unsplash

Our drinks were side by side, and we had ordered the same thing: Glenfiddich 18 on the rocks.

But while he had a proper single, my glass seemed to be three times fuller than his.

I knew why I got more of it. My charm has no parallel but charm can sometimes work against you. After all, nobody needs a big shot of whiskey when you are networking a convention’s happy hour.

Our company had spontaneously decided to host a happy hour at the hotel bar in Birmingham the night before the convention started.

Do you know when you are…

Carlos Garbiras

Essayist sorting out the deeply ingrained neurosis of a topsy-turvy upbringing in Colombia. ||

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